Traffic Accidents - are the most common type of civil injury claims for the negligence of others.

Premises Liability - claims are filed when someone is injured on private or public property.

Product Liability - claims result from injuries suffered from using defective items or drugs.

Using Civil Lawsuits to Obtain Justice

If you or someone close to you has suffered injury as a result of negligence in Jackson Mississippi, filing a civil lawsuit may be the best way to receive justice. Civil lawsuits can provide compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. Knowing how to navigate the legal system can be daunting, so seeking the assistance of an injury attorney is highly recommended.

Filing a Claim: Initial Steps

The initial steps towards filing a civil claim in Mississippi involve gathering evidence of the injury and contacting an injury attorney that specializes in personal injury law. If liability can be established through witness accounts, reports from medical professionals, or other evidence then a claim may be filed against the party responsible. This is done by serving the defendant with a summons to appear in court, and a copy of the official documented complaint.

Discovery: Gathering Evidence

Once a civil claim has been filed, the victim’s legal team will help their client gather evidence to support the injury allegations. This process is called discovery and it includes depositions, interrogatories, requests for admissions, and other legal methods of obtaining information from the opposing party.

Trial: Litigation Processes

If negotiations for an out-of-court settlement fail and the injury case goes to trial, an injury attorney will use various techniques such as cross-examination and scientific evidence to prove that their client’s injury was caused by the negligence of another party. At this point, both sides are permitted to present witnesses and documents for review by a judge or jury who will ultimately decide what damages, if any, are owed by the defendant.

Get Help Filing a Civil Lawsuit

Filing a civil claim is an effective way to receive compensation and justice. Injury attorneys in Jackson Mississippi can provide valuable insight into navigating the legal system and collecting the evidence necessary to win the case. With their expertise and resources on your side, injury law specialists can help make sure that the responsible parties are held accountable for the injury caused by them.